Borrowing Library Materials

Library Privileges: DCC students must present either a DCC Student ID card or a driver’s license in order to borrow materials from the Mary M. Barksdale Library. Students who present a driver’s license must also give their empl ID number to the librarian in order to check out materials. Library cards are issued to community borrowers. Community borrowers are required to show some form of picture identification, preferably a driver’s license or a Virginia ID, before a library card can be issued. Community borrowers must be at least sixteen years old and must live in the DCC service region. Community borrowers will be asked to fill out an application for a library card. When borrowing materials community borrowers will be required to show both their library card and a picture ID. There is no charge for a library card. Community borrowers who lose their library cards must pay $1.00 for a new library card.

Loan Periods:

  • Books 14 days
  • CDs 14 days
  • Circulating Videos 2 days
  • Shaver Film Collection 2 days

Some items in the Library cannot be checked out. Periodicals (magazines, journals, and newspapers) and reference books (works such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, and almanacs which are in the Reference Collection) are for in-library use only.

Renewals: Books may be renewed one time. Borrowers can renew books by either calling the Library at (434) 797-8405 or by coming into the Library. Renewals must be made on or before the due date. Books cannot be renewed if they are overdue. The Library does not renew CDs, DVDs, or videos.

Fines: The Mary M. Barksdale Library does not charge fines. However, borrowers who have overdue items cannot check out additional items until all overdue items have been returned.

How many items can be checked out?
DCC students can borrow 10 items. A maximum of 5 books can be borrowed on the same topic.

Borrowers can check out a maximum of 2 CDs at a time. Only 1 video or DVD from the Video Circulating Collection or the Shaver Film Collection can be borrowed at a time.

Faculty/Staff Videos and DVD’s:
The Library possesses a collection of videos and DVDs which may only be borrowed by DCC faculty and staff. While students cannot check out items from this collection, they can view these videos and DVDs in two areas in the Library: a small viewing room at the back of the Library and another viewing area located behind the Circulation/Reference Desk. These items are identified as belonging to the Video Collection on the Online Catalog. Come to the Desk to ask to view items from this collection.

Borrowing Materials from Other Libraries: Interlibrary Loan
If a DCC student needs a book or a copy of a periodical article which is not available in our library, the student can request the item through Interlibrary Loan. Through Interlibrary Loan the DCC Library will borrow books and request copies of articles from other libraries. A maximum of 5 items may be requested at a time. Come to the Circulation/Reference Desk to fill out an Interlibrary Loan Request Form.

Reserve Materials:
Materials which faculty place on reserve are located behind the Circulation/Reference Desk. Come to the Desk and ask a librarian for the items you need. Most reserve items are placed on “Desk” Reserve, which means that the materials are for in-library use. The Biology faculty place slides on reserve, and microscopes to view the slides are available in the Periodicals Room. The Anatomy and Physiology instructors have a variety of items on reserve, including a skeleton, bones, and anatomical models, such as the eye, the ear, the heart, etc. All of these items are located in the Periodicals Room. A sign-in sheet is available in the Periodicals Room for students to write their names and check the Anatomy and Physiology items they are using.