Off-campus Access to Library Resources

Danville Community College provides off-campus access to many of its on-line Library resources. To access our electronic databases from off-campus you must be a registered DCC student or a member of the DCC faculty and staff. Watch the video below or follow the step-by-step written directions and you should be able to access the Online library resources provided for you by the Mary M. Barksdale Library at Danville Community College.

Student Access:

Step 1

Locate the Mary M. Barksdale e-Library page. For ease of access, please use this page as your gateway to the online databases.

Step 2

DCC students may access the research databases from outside the college network with their MyVCCS login. The username and password are the same as for Canvas and student email. Whenever you select one of the Library's databases, a window will pop up asking you to log-on. The log-on requires you to enter your user id and a password.

login example

Look up your Username and set your Password HERE.

Step 3

Once you have completed these steps, you should be able to access our Online library resources, including those with restricted access.

If you have problems, please call the following telephone numbers for assistance:

  • Local calls from Danville/Pittsylvania County: (434) 797-8555
  • Long distance: 1 800 560-4291 Then ask for the library.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What login do I use for off-campus access to library resources?
    The MyVCCS username and password are the same as for Canvas, student email, and SIS. Be sure that Caps Lock is off.
  2. Why won't the system accept my login?
    You must be currently enrolled at a Virginia community college for your login to work. Accounts should be available by the first day of classes of the current semester. If you are using MS Internet Explorer and see a "Page Not Found" message after you log in, click on "Back" and try the link again, it should work the second time. If that does not work, please contact your local college library staff for further assistance.
  3. I forgot my username / password, how can I reset it?
    Look up your username and / or reset your password here.
  4. I don't know my username / password, how can I find it?
    Look up your username and create your password here.
  5. I am using a temporary ID, where do I login?
    If a registered user's login is not working, the college library staff may issue a temporary user name and password. If this is the case, please click here to logon.
  6. What are the recommended minimum browser requirements for successful access to library databases?
    1. Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
    2. Firefox 2.0 or later - Free Download
    3. Safari 2.0 or later - Free Download
    4. JavaScript Enabled
    5. Cookies Enabled
    6. Adobe Flash Player 8.0 or later - Free Download
  7. I'm using the AOL Web browser / WebTV and I'm having nothing but problems, what's going on?
    Neither AOL's Web browser nor WebTV is suitable for off-campus access to library resources. Make sure you use Mozilla Firefox or MS Internet Explorer as your Web browser when connected to the Internet using AOL.
  8. I'm logged in but can't get to articles or journals. I keep getting a database error or seeing the database company's login screen. What should I do?
    1. Clear your Web browser's cache (instructions here)
    2. Clear existing cookies and set your browser to accept cookies (instructions here)
    3. Make sure that Javascript is enabled (instructions here)
    4. Go back to the library home page and try to access the resource again.
  9. I'm using my employer's network, why can't I access the databases?
    Your employer's network may not permit proxying or may have a firewall in place. This situation could prevent you from accessing library databases from the workplace.