DCC Brings Home Thrive! Challenge Awards

Award  Image(November 1, 2018)  – Danville Community College (DCC) was recognized for participating in the 2018 Thrive! Challenge by The Health Collaborative during the 2018 Health Summit on Thursday, October 25, with special recognition for the college’s initiative on improving health policy on campus.
“Most people want to live a healthier lifestyle, but the work culture tends to cultivate unhealthy habits,” said DCC Vice President of Academic and Student Services Dr. Debra Holley. “DCC's approach to the Thrive! Challenge was ideal for those who wanted the push toward healthier living. The program offered autonomous and confidential structure with no pressure, competition, or judgement. To the best of my knowledge, all who participated are glad they did and benefited by starting new habits.”
DCC employees were challenged for several months this summer to try and make positive changes in their daily routines, such as drinking more water or taking breaks from sitting at their desks. The idea for DCC’s campus was developed by Holley and DCC Counselor JoLane Tilley.
“One goal of mine was to encourage all of the participants to become mindful of what we eat, how much water we drink, how much we sit and stand, and our eating habits,” Tilley said. “Having a calendar and theme each month allowed participants to record any of their healthy habits without being penalized for unhealthy habits. By not setting a minimum requirement each month, the initiative allowed participants to attempt making changes without feeling bad about a day when they did not succeed in making that day a healthier one.”
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