Great Expectations

DCC is one of 21 colleges among Virginia’s Community Colleges that offer a Great Expectations program which seeks to empower current and former foster youth through active support and access to higher education. 

Great Expectations coaches work with enrolled students at DCC to ensure their success in community college and beyond, connecting them to college and community resources, scholarship opportunities and other support. 

Great Expectations offers the following services as students go through college:

  • Provide a point person at the college to assist students in their academic journey until they are able to become self-sufficient in navigating the community college system
  • Help with applying for admission to the college
  • Offer instruction and support throughout the financial aid process
  • Help with career exploration and coaching
  • Assist with choosing an academic program
  • Make referrals to college community resources for academic as well as personal issues
  • Monitor academic progress
  • Offer the experience of being part of mentoring relationship
  • Provide opportunities to connect with other Great Expectations college students
  • Access to life skills training including financial management

How do I qualify?

To be eligible for the Great Expectations program you must:

  • be between the ages of 17 and 26
  • have been affiliated with the Virginia Foster Care System
  • be interested in or currently attending Danville Community College
  • have been adopted from the Virginia Foster Care System after the age of 13
  • maintain at least half-time enrollment in an eligible academic program

Great Expectation Resources

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