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iGrad is your all-in-one tool for better managing your money, tackling your student loans, and preparing for your career. Here’s a few of the many ways you can use iGrad to improve your financial future:

Create Your Financial Plan And Earn Badges

Answer a few quick questions to create your financial plan and start receiving recommended money, career, and student loan tips, videos, articles, and infographics. We’re making personal finance fun: unlock badges, track your progress, and watch your Financial Health Meter grow over time.

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Financial Literacy Course

Want to get more comfortable with your money? Ready to improve your financial future? Take the Financial Literacy Course to quickly learn the fundamentals of money management, career development, and student loans. Share your course completion certificate on LinkedIn, resumes, and more to stand out from the crowd!

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Student Loan Repayment Advisor: Chat With An Expert

Talk one-on-one with a student loan repayment advisor to better understand your student loan repayment options. Come back to iGrad and use the “Student Loan Repayment Advisor button in the upper right corner of the screen to start a personal chat.

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Job Genius

Supercharge your career search. Use Job Genius to find personalized job opportunities and track your high priority searches. With the Job Genius Resume Analyzer, you can improve your resume by automatically analyzing potential jobs for the keywords you should add to your resume to help get noticed by employers!

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Student Loan Snapshot

See all of your student loans in one place – in 5 minutes or less! Track your loan balance, keep your contact information handy, and explore different repayment options by synching your student loans to iGrad’s Student Loan Snapshot.

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Latest Videos, Infographics and Tips

Every day, we post awesome videos, articles and infographics designed to quickly get you the guidance you need on money management, career, and student loans. With expert tips and perspectives from folks like you, you’ll want to check out our latest articles and watch our latest videos.

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GPS To Success

Are you ready to find your dream job? Learn what different careers are like by exploring videos from professionals in the fields you’re interested in.

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Financial Literacy Headquarters: Games and More!

Play awesome games, experiment with money calculators, and access special resources all designed to help you improve your financial IQ.

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Financial Aid Headquarters

Use iGrad’s student loan repayment calculators, video tips, financial aid downloads, and more to quickly and easily eliminate financial aid confusion.

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Townhall: Community Forum

Ever wonder how other folks are managing the money, career, and student loan challenges facing students? Townhall is a peer-to-peer forum (monitored by experts), where you can ask questions and add answers to an on-going money and student loan discussion. Follow the questions and topics that are most important to you!

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Financial Aid Coach

Do you have a question about financial aid or student loans? Get fast video answers to your questions when you ask our Financial Aid Coach your student loan questions.

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Live Personal Finance Webinar

Register for our exclusive quarterly live streaming video webinars, featuring personal finance and career experts on-hand to answer your questions.

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