Library Overview

The Mary M. Barksdale Library includes almost 55,000 books in our print collection, over 500 compact discs, and more than 2,000 videos and DVDs. The library also subscribes to approximately 100 journals, magazines, and newspapers in our print (paper) periodical collection, found in the Periodicals Room. The Library also contains atlases, maps, and government documents.

The Mary M. Barksdale Library is a member of VIVA, the Virtual Library of Virginia. VIVA is a consortium of nonprofit academic libraries within the Commonwealth of Virginia. Through VIVA students have access to almost 200 databases, with FULL TEXT access to millions of articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers. VIVA provides access to approximately 17,000 full text journals, over 5,000 full text works of poetry and verse drama, more than 10,000 electronic books, and close to 40,000 additional full text materials, including working papers, transactions, and proceedings. All VCCS students have access to thousands of e-books through such collections as eBooks on EBSCOhost, Safari Books Online, the Gale Virtual Reference Center, and Oxford Reference Online.

Seventeen computers in the Library provide access to the Internet. In addition to using these computers to search on the Internet, these stations can also be used to access VCCSLinc (the Online Catalog), Canvas, the Student Information System, and Student Email. Students can also use these computers to access Microsoft Office 2007 programs, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access. Students can also access the Internet on their laptops by using DCC’s wireless network. Please note that chatting and playing games is NOT permitted in either the Library or the LAC.


One printer serves all the computers in the Library. Printing in the Library is free and no limit is placed on the number of pages that students print. The printers are set to print on both sides of the page, in an effort to go “green” and conserve paper. Please use the printers wisely and do not waste paper and ink!

The Periodicals Room

Back issues of magazines and newspapers are located in the Periodicals Room. The most recent issues of magazines and newspapers are available in the lounge area next to the Periodicals Room.


A copy machine is also located in the Periodicals Room. The price for photocopying is 10 cents per page. The photocopier will accept nickels, dimes, quarters, and $1.00 bills. Please note that change for the photocopier is not available in the Library, as staff is not permitted to handle cash.

The Archives Collection is located in a room at the back of the Periodicals Room. Materials in archives deal with the history of DCC. These materials are for in-library use only. Please contact a librarian if you would like to see the materials in this collection.

Microscopes and reserve materials for Anatomy and Physiology classes are also found in the Periodicals Room. (see information below under Reserves).

Reserve Materials

Materials which faculty place on reserve are located behind the Circulation/Reference Desk. Come to the Desk and ask a librarian for the items you need. Most reserve items are placed on “Desk” Reserve, which means that the materials are for in-library use. The Biology faculty place slides on reserve, and microscopes to view the slides are available in the Periodicals Room. The Anatomy and Physiology instructors have a variety of items on reserve, including a skeleton, bones, and anatomical models, such as the eye, the ear, the heart, etc. All of these items are located in the Periodicals Room. A sign-in sheet is available in the Periodicals Room for students to write their names and check the Anatomy and Physiology items they are using.