Library Policies

Computer & Internet Use

Computer Use

The LRC provides computers and a variety of software applications for patron use. Patrons using LRC computers must be sixteen (16) years of age or older. Computer use must fall within the guidelines outlined in the VCCS Computer Ethics Guidelines as stated in the college catalog and student handbook. Inappropriate use of LRC computers is prohibited.


The computers in the Library are designated for research and educational purposes only. Computer use must fall within the guidelines outlined in the VCCS Computer Ethics Guidelines as stated in the college catalog and student handbook. Inappropriate use of the Internet in the Library is prohibited.

Inappropriate Usage

Adult Sites
Use of LRC computers to access, download, or display data of an adult nature (pictures, text, animation, etc.) is prohibited.

Illegal File Usage/Access
The LRC does not allow unauthorized users to access certain files or alter files necessary for terminal, server, or program operation. Any attempt to access or alter said files or programs is prohibited.

The unauthorized use of LRC computers to access, download, or play games is prohibited.

LRC Computer Policy for Community Users

Community patrons are welcome to use designated LRC computer terminals.  However, because of the heavy demand on these resources, the following provisions do apply:

  1. Community computer users must sign in at the circulation desk in library or the sign-in station in LAC.  A valid I.D. must be presented on request.
  2. Users must be 16 years of age or older.
  3. Community patrons may use three computers in the library.  Terminals for community use will be clearly identified.
  4. Community patrons may use the designated computers for up to 30 minutes per day.   An individual patron may use only one computer terminal at a time.
  5. Community patrons may print up to 15 sheets per day from LRC printers.
  6. Since DCC students take priority at all times, community users may be asked to sign off the computers.
  7. Internet usage is limited to serious research purposes only.  No chat, on-line games, adult sites, etc.
  8. The LRC reserves the right to deny or limit its use and services to groups or individuals making excessive demands.
  9. Community cooperation is essential if all LRC patrons are to be adequately served.  Refusal to cooperate with college personnel enforcing the above policy may result in an immediate loss of LRC privileges.
  10. Two violations of the above policy may result in the loss of LRC privileges.

Patrons are asked to turn off cell phones or place them on silent notification before entering the library.  Please do not talk on a cell phone in the library.  Calls may be received or sent in the foyer of the LRC. 

Library Cards

Patrons must be at least 15 years old to receive a library card at DCC. Borrowers are asked to present identification when applying for a card. A driver's license is the preferred type of identification. If the patron does not possess a driver's license, other forms of identification that can be used include a driver's permit, a Virginia ID, a school ID card with a photo on it, or a social security card. There is no fee for library cards. However, if the library card is lost or stolen, the borrower will need to go to the Bookstore in the Wyatt Building and pay a $1.00 replacement fee for a new card. This new card should then be brought to the Library and a new borrower number will be assigned to the patron.

Interlibrary Loan

DCC students, faculty, and staff who need materials which are not available in the DCC library may request that books and copies of journal articles be borrowed from other libraries.  Materials are usually available within 5 days or sooner.  A maximum of 5 items may be requested at a time. There is no fee for this service.  Failure to pick up Interlibrary Loan materials which have been requested or to return these materials on time will result in a loss of Interlibrary Loan privileges.

Circulation of Materials

Borrowers are required to present both their library cards and a form of identification in order to check out materials.

DCC students may borrow a maximum of ten items. A maximum of five books on the same topic may be checked out.   Community patrons may check out a maximum of five items.

Loan Periods

  • Books - two weeks.
  • Compact discs--two weeks
  • Videos in the Child Care Collection--two weeks.
  • Videos in the Circulating (Main) Collection--two days.

RENEWALS - Books can be renewed one time. The other types of materials listed above cannot be renewed. In order to renew a book it must be brought to the Library either on or before its due date.  Books, which are overdue, cannot be renewed.  Please note that renewals cannot be done over the telephone; the book must be brought into the Library to be renewed.

Non-Circulating Materials

Some materials in the Library do not circulate. These items are for library use only and cannot be checked out of the Library. They include the following:

  • Reference Books--designated as Reference (Non-Circulating) in the online catalog and include items such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, etc.
  • Videos--designated as Restricted (Non-Circulating) in the online catalog do not circulate. These videos are kept in the cabinets behind the Circulation Desk and can be viewed in the Library or the LAC.
  • Magazines and newspapers.
  • Materials in the Archives collection.
  • Materials in the Regional collection.

Overdue Materials

The Library does not charge a fine for overdue materials. If a borrower has any items which are overdue, he/she cannot check out any additional items until all the overdue materials have been returned.

Lost or Damaged Materials

Patrons are charged the current replacement cost for items which they have lost. If an item is returned in a damaged condition, the LRC Director will decide whether the item can still be used or whether the item is damaged beyond repair and must be replaced.