Presidential Survey

On behalf of the Danville Community College (DCC) Board, I would like to express appreciation to Dr. Mickles for her outstanding leadership at Danville Community College. The Virginia Community College System (VCCS) and DCC Board are beginning the search for the next college leader and a key part of the process is to seek input from our stakeholders.

Request for Your Input

To assist with the presidential search process, I am requesting DCC stakeholders participate in a presidential search survey.  We are seeking the input from DCC students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, community leaders and community members.

The survey closed August 4, 2021.  All responses are strictly anonymous.

The information gathered from the survey will be utilized to form priorities for DCC and the next president.  This important step will also guide the VCCS in creating recruiting materials for the next step of the process.  Please use this opportunity to share your vision of how DCC can meet the challenges and opportunities it faces.

Search Process

click to enlarge - VCCS Presidential Search Infographic
Click here for a detailed infographic regarding the VCCS presidential search process.

In the coming months, the VCCS will conduct a national search for DCC’s next president.  A screening committee will be appointed by the Chancellor, and both the chair and co-chair will be VCCS presidents.  Other members will include representatives from VCCS colleges with expertise in a variety of areas, as well as DCC Board members.  The committee’s primary responsibilities include:

  1. reviewing, screening, and evaluating the credentials and application materials of potential candidates; 
  2. selecting candidates for state level interviews; 
  3. interviewing candidates; and 
  4. recommending semi-finalists for consideration.

A typical presidential search will involve the top several candidates participating in a formal interview and presentation with the screening committee and to meet with the Chancellor and his Cabinet.  Three or four finalists will be selected to be vetted by an independent firm and certified by the Virginia State Board for Community Colleges.  The finalists are then invited to DCC to visit with various constituency groups in a hybrid virtual and in-person format.

Once on campus, both internal and external DCC stakeholders will have opportunities to meet with the candidates. The candidates spend a day and a half at the College, meeting with various constituency groups, leading town hall discussions, meals, local tours, advisory board dinner, and more, which includes a program designed for each of the candidates' partners/spouses.
Thank you again for your time and valuable input.


signature of carlyle wimbish

Carlyle Wimbish, DCC Board Chair