Commercial Art

Award: Career Studies Certificate

Occupational Objectives: Certificate in Commercial Art is designed to prepare individuals for employment as graphic artists and/or designers in advertising agencies, sign shops, or in the printing industry. Procedures and processes will be covered in both theory and hands-on application. Students who complete the program will develop competencies in the following areas:

  1. Basic drawing skills
  2. Application of design techniques for commercial purposes;
  3. Use of airbrush in commercial art applications;
  4. Paste up skills related to camera-ready printed materials;
  5. Silkscreen stencil techniques with emphasis on design;
  6. Desktop publishing techniques including Freehand and PageMaker.

Course Sequence

Required Courses: Lecture
PNT 110   Survey of Processes 2 2 3
ART 121   Drawing Techniques I 2 2 3
ART 180   Intro. to Computer Graphics 2 3 3
ART 283   Computer Graphics 2 4 4
PNT 142   Printing Applications 2 2 3
Total Minimum Credits     16

Program Outcomes

Graduates will demonstrate:

  1. Basic drawing skills;
  2. Understanding of the various processes of graphics reproduction;
  3. Design skills necessary for commercial printing purposes;
  4. Design skills using Adobe InDesign software;
  5. Design skills using Adobe Photoshop software;
  6. Skills necessary to complete lab projects.