Electrical Concepts


Occupational Objectives: The Electrical Concepts Career Studies Program is designed for the investigation of career possibilities, retraining for a career change, upgrading occupational skills and/or to provide entry level skills in the electrical field. Graduates of this program will be eligible for further specialized training in the electrical field or to become more productive in their present occupation. Other opportunities for the graduate are available in sales and installation of electrical components and equipment.

The program is structured within the following courses:

Course Sequence

Course   Lecture Hours Lab Hours Credits
ELE 199

Supervised Study in Electrical Calculations I 

 3 0 3  
ELE 113 Electricity I 3 0 3  
ELE 123 Electrical Applications I 1 2 2  
ELE 199

Supervised Study in

Electrical Calculations II

3 0 3  
ELE 114  Electricity II 3 0 3  
ELE 124 Electrical Applications II 1 2 2  
ELE Approved Tech. Elective     3  
  Total Minimum Credits     19  

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