Guitar Building Career Studies Certificate

*Pending approval for Fall 2017 startup

Learn to design, build, and produce custom acoustic and electric guitars. Students will learn about fundamental woodworking skills, material choice and handling, creativity and design, form and function, harmonics, CAD design, inlay, laser engraving, and finishing techniques. The CSC is designed to stack into the Build Your Business - Venture Creation Technical Studies degree and will include 3-4 elective credit hours as recommended by the instructor; i.e. students in the acoustic pathway would have the option to build an electric guitar and vice versa. Students will build two guitars (either acoustic or electric), one in each of the two semesters.

Program Outcomes

Graduates will gain knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  1. Use and care of hand and power tools used in the industry
  2. Materials used in various forms of acoustic and electric guitars
  3. CAD technology as used in guitar design
  4. Aesthetic principles for inlay and design
  5. Various finishing techniques used in guitar production
  6. Instrument construction fundamentals and techniques such as bracing and voicing of the top and back, neck angle, bridge placement, fret installation
  7. Understanding of the techniques and requirements to build an instrument from scratch

Program Information

Minimum credits: 23-25

Length: 2 semesters (1 year) if full-time suggested course sequence is followed

Career opportunities: This program is suitable for students interested in working in a guitar construction and/or repair business, usually through self-employment. Salaries and opportunities will vary by location.

Division: Business, Engineering, & Industrial Technologies

Contact: 434.797.8440 or 434.797.8474

Course Sequence

First Semester Lecture Hours Lab Hours Hours in Class Credits
IND195 Inlay 1 2 3 2
MUS 195 lntro to Lutherie Tools 1 2 3 2
IND195 Finishing 1 1 2 3 2
MUS195 Electric Guitar 1 OR        
MUS195 Acoustic Guitar 1 1 6-8 7-9 4-5
ART131 Fundamentals of Design 1 4 5 3
Total 4 12-14 16-18 10-11
Second Semester Lecture Hours Lab Hours Hours in Class Credits
IND 195 Inlay 1 2 3 2
IND 195 Finishing 1 2 3 2
MUS 195 Electric Guitar 2 OR        
MUS 195 Acoustic Guitar 2 1 6-8 7-9 4-5
CAD 233 Computer Aided Drafting 3 2 2 4 3
MKT 195 Product Photography 1 2 3 2
Total 6 14-16 20-22 13-14

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