Metal Processing

Award: Career Studies

Occupational Objectives: The Metal Processing Career Studies Certificate Program is both broad and detailed enough to permit the graduate to fill a number of jobs in a company’s machine shop maintenance department, yet detailed enough to ensure that the student fully understands different types of metal processing. Layout procedures and processes on the lathe, drill press, grinding machines, and milling machines are covered in both theory and practice.

The program is structured as follows:

Course Sequence

    lecture lab credits
DRF 160 Machine Blueprint Reading 3 0 3
MAC 161 Machine Shop Practices I 2 3 3
MAC 162 Machine Shop Practices II 2 3 3
MAC 163 Machine Shop Practices III 2 3 3
MAC 164 Machine Shop Practices IV 2 3 3
WEL 120 Fundamentals of Welding 1 3 2
  Total Minimum Credits     17

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