Network Technology

Award: Career Studies Certificate

Occupational Objective: The Network Technology Career Studies Certificate Program is designed for individuals employed in the field of information systems who wish to upgrade their skills. It is also designed for individuals with previous occupational or academic experience relating to computing systems who may be contemplating a career change.

The program is structured within the following courses:

Course Sequence

Prefix/Number Course Title Course Credits
ITN 154 Networking Fundamentals CISCO 4
ITN 155 Introductory Routing - CISCO 4
ETR 149 Computer Troubleshooting and Repair 3
ITN 102 Intro. Networked Client OS 4
ITN 103 Administration of Networked Servers 4
ITN 104 Maintaining Servers-Networked Infrast 4
  Total Minimum Semester Credit Hours 23

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