Nurse Aide

Award: Career Studies

Occupational Objective:The Nurse Aide is capable of working under the supervision of a licensed nurse in caring for residents of a long term health care facility or to work under limited supervision in the home. In either situation, the Nurse Aide will use basic skills in observation, communication, reporting, and assisting in maintaining a safe, clean environment for the patient. This program includes training in the following areas:

The Nurse Aide Extended Care CSC contains additional courses in first aid safety, CPR, medication aide. Both programs prepare students to take the Virginia State Board of Nursing Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) test.

Program Outcomes:

Graduates will demonstrate:

  1. Recognizing changes in body functioning & the im- portance of reporting such changes to a supervisor.
  2. Measuring & recording routine vital signs.
  3. Measuring recording height & weight.
  4. Caring for the clients' environment.
  5. Measuring recording fluid food intake/output.
  6. Performing basic emergency measures.
  7. Caring for a client when death is imminent
  8. Bathing, grooming & oral hygiene
  9. Dressing & toileting
  10. Assisting with eating & hydration, including proper feeding techniques.
  11. Caring for skin, including prevention of pressure ulcers.
  12. Transfer, positioning turning
  13. Applying skills learned in individual client?s needs, including mental health & social service needs.
  14. Skills supporting age-appropriate behavior by allowing the client to make personal choices, by providing and reinforcing other behavior consistent with the client?s dignity.
  15. Providing appropriate clinical care to the aged disabled.
  16. Techniques for addressing the unique needs & behaviors of clients with dementia (Alzheimer?s, etc).
  17. Use of assistive devices in transferring, ambulation, eating dressing.
  18. Maintaining range of motion, turning positioning.
  19. Caring for using prosthetic orthotic devices.
  20. Application of skills in dealing with clients?rights
  21. Application of skills used in maintaining legal & regulatory aspects of practice as a certified nurse aide, including, but not limited to, consequences of abuse, neglect, misappropriation of client property & unprofessional conduct
  22. Occupational health & safety measures
  23. Applcation of skills used in the appropriate management of conflict

Additional outcomes for Nurse Aide Extended Care CSC

  1. CPR procedures for adults & children
  2. Basic first aid & safety techniques

Program Information

Nurse Aides, under supervision of a licensed nurse, help provide basic care and maintain a safe, clean environment for patients in long-term health care facilities or home health care. The projected job growth is much faster than average because of the growing elderly population.

Minimum credits: 9 (Nurse Aide), 16 (Extended Care)

Length: 1 semester

Career opportunities: Nurse Aide/Assistant:$15,080-27,820 Job growth: 17% from 2014 to 2024

*Median salaries job growth nationwide as of 2015. Source:

Division:Workforce Svcs


Course Sequence

First Semester Lecture Hours Lab Hours Hours in Class Credits
Nurse Aide & Nurse Aide Extended Care CSCs        
NUR 25 Nursing Assistant 2 4 6 3
NUR 27 Nurse Aide I 2 4 6 3
NUR 98 Seminar Project 2 2 4 3
Second Semester Lecture Hours Lab Hours Hours in Class Credits
HLT 105 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 1 0 1 1
Additional courses in Nurse Aide Extended Care CSC:        
HTL 106 First Aid & Safety 2 0 2 2
NUR 193 Studies in Medication Aide 4 2 6 4
Total 13 12 25 16

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