Project Management - Career Studies Certificate

Award: Career Studies Certificate

Project Management is a rapidly growing field relevant to many business areas, including information technology, engineering, contracting, or the nonprofit sector. The CSC is a completely online, self-paced program for individuals who have already obtained a degree, those who wish to add to their credentials, and students who are concurrently pursuing an associate degree.

Program Coordination: The Project Management CSC feeds directly into the Business Management degree with a specialization in Project Management.

    Program Information

    Minimum credits: 16

    Length: 1 semester to 1 year, depending upon student’s level of time and motivation. Courses in project management (BUS 204, 206, 295, and ITP 170) are open-entry/open-exit, meaning that students may complete courses at an accelerated pace and move on to a subsequent course upon satisfactory completion of the preceding course.

    Career opportunities: 

    • Project Manager: $75,280 Job growth: 12% through 2020
    • Source: Project Management Institute

    Division: Arts, Sciences, & Business

    Contact: 434.797.8402 or 434.797.8462

    Program Outcomes

    Graduates will be able to:

    1. Utilize industry-standard computer software in business communication media, e.g. written reports and business plans using word processing software and presentations using presentation software;
    2. Perform and interpret business math, accounting, and business statistical calculations;
    3. Understand the basic concepts associated with business ethics and the importance of developing and adhering to a strong set of generally-accepted ethical principles;
    4. Demonstrate principles of human relationship skills used to successfully interrelate with customers, associates, employees, and superiors in a project management setting;
    5. Understand standard methods for training, motivating, and managing people in a team-based environment;
    6. Plan, execute, and control projects according to the Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) processes, tools, and techniques.

    Course Sequence

      Lecture Hours Lab Hours Hours in Class Credits
    BUS 204 Project Management 3 0 3 3
    BUS 206 Advanced Project Management 3 0 3 3
    BUS 295 Topics in CAPM Exam Preparation 3 0 3 3
    BUS 298 Seminar & Project 4 0 4 4
    ITP 170 Project Management (IT) 3 0 3 3
    Total 16 0 16 16

    For course descriptions view the college catalog.