Testing Procedures for DCC Students

The DCC Testing Center proctors both make-up tests and distance learning exams.  The Testing Center is located on the upper-level in the Learning Resources Center and is part of the LAC. Exams can be administered as paper & pencil, Internet, or secure browser based exams. Tests are proctored during regular testing hours.  For additional information, contact the LAC at (434) 797-8404 or email the Testing Center at dcctestingcenter@dcc.vccs.edu or Fax at (434) 797-8415.

Placement Testing

The College's placement testing is administered by Student Services.  For information, please contact (434) 797-8460 or visit the counseling office in Wyatt 108.

Disabilities Services

If you need special accommodations based on a documented disability, reasonable accommodations for qualified students will be given. All documentation must be submitted prior to scheduling an examination. Please contact the ADA Counselor, Dr. Carl Amos, in the Counseling and Admissions Office of the Wyatt Building, or call 434-797-8572 (434-688-0136 (VP)), or camos@dcc.vccs.edu to discuss this matter confidentially.

On-Campus Testing Procedures

  • Check with your instructor to verify that make-up test, distance learning exam, or an exam for students with disabilities has been filed in the Testing Center.
  • Present a PHOTO ID to the proctor at the desk in the Testing Center.
  • Complete your exam under the directions noted by the instructor or with the accommodations noted by the Counselor for Students with Disabilities. Tests must be completed before leaving the Testing Center and students will not be permitted to re-enter the room after beginning to take a test.  
  • Come prepared with all necessary materials and supplies. 
  • Only authorized testing materials are allowed in the testing room. All personal items including book bags, cell phones, purses, etc. will be stored in a secure area directed by the test proctor.
  • Please give yourself enough time to complete your test before the LAC's closing time.  All tests must be completed 15 minutes before closing (see LAC Hours).
  • Noise will be kept to a minimum within the Testing Center and test takers will be asked to refrain from talking or other distracting noise.  Please do not bring children to the Testing Center. 
  • If you have a disability or other need for reasonable accommodations in order to successfully complete the requirements of your course, please contact the ADA Counselor, Laura Daniel in the Counseling and Admissions Office, Wyatt Building, 434-797-8572 or 434-688-0136 (VP), or camos@dcc.vccs.edu to discuss this matter confidentially.   Arrangements for special accommodations must be made prior to the test date.

Off-Campus Testing Procedures

DCC students needing exams or other course assignments proctored off-campus should do the following:

  • Locate a proctor at least two weeks prior to any test date.  Community colleges within the Virginia Community College System will typically provide proctoring services for VCCS students.  It is the student’s responsibility to know if they are required to have proctored exams. 
  • Download the PROCTORING PROCEDURE form.  The Test Proctoring Procedures form and the Student/Proctor Agreement outlines the criteria for selecting a qualified proctor.  To protect the integrity of examinations, DCC reserves the right to reject any proposed proctor or any previously approved proctor.   The student should complete and sign the student section.  Then have your proctor complete, sign, and fax this form to (434) 797-8415 for approval. 
  • Any special accommodations that the student might need must be documented with DCC prior to the testing date.  It is the responsibility of the student to make any arrangements for special accommodations with the proctor prior to the date of the test.  Contact the DCC ADA Counselor at 434-797-8572 or 1-800-560-4291 or 434-688-0136 (VP), or camos@dcc.vccs.edu to discuss this matter confidentially.
  • REMEMBER: The student is responsible for contacting the proctor and scheduling appointments for exams. 
  • Fees may be associated with proctoring services.  It is the student’s responsibility to pay any fees associated with test proctoring such as envelopes and postage for returning a test, special proctoring fees, etc.
  • For additional information, please contact the DCC Learning Assistance Center at (434) 797-8404 or 1-800-560-4291 or 434-688-0136 (VP).

Testing Locations

Retest Policy

All retests are subject to the specific requirements of the instructor.

Test Proctoring Forms

Testing Center Schedule and Hours