Applying for Veteran’s Educational Benefits

Getting Started

Listed below are steps for veterans, their spouses or dependents, new and transfer students, to utilize VA educational benefits. Complete steps listed and provide copies of documents as noted. You are responsible for knowing requirements and restrictions of your educational benefits. 

Using Chapter 30 Benefits      Montgomery GI Bill-Active Duty          Chapter 30 Helpful Hints

Using Chapter 1606 Benefits  Montgomery GI Bill-Selected Reserves     Chapter 1606 Helpful Hints

Using Chapter 31 Benefits      Veteran Readiness and Employment       Chapter 31 Helpful Hints

Using Chapter 33 Benefits      Post 9/11 GI Bill       Chapter 33 Helpful Hints

Using Chapter 35 Benefits      Survivors' and Dependents' Educational Assistance Program       Chapter 35 Helpful Hints

Also, you may want to use the VA GI Bill Comparison Tool when considering the use of your benefits.

VA GI Bill Comparison Tool


  1. Apply for admission to DCC.
  2. Request your military transcript online (send to Danville Community College, Admissions and Records, Room 108, Wyatt Bldg, 1008 South Main Street, Danville, VA 24541)
    1. For Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard: Joint Services Transcript
    2. For Air Force:  Air University / Community College of the Air Force
  3. Request all other college/university official transcripts be sent to Danville Community College, Admissions and Records, Room 108, Wyatt Bldg, 1008 South Main Street, Danville, VA 24541
  4. (Only if you need developmental classes): Take the VPT (Virginia Placement Test) to verify placement scores at Danville Community College for the VA. Testing is given at the DCC Library. Contact Letitia Lunsford at or call her at 434-797-8404 to coordinate testing for the VPT.


  1. Complete an online application to the Veterans Administration.
  2. If the student has applied to Admissions at DCC, log in to the student's SIS account and complete the Military Benefits eForm. This must be submitted each semester. Instructions on use of the Military Benefits eForm:   Military Benefits eForm Instructions
  3. Upload a copy of your VA Certificate of Eligibility Letter for Educational Benefits before submitting the Military Benefits eForm.
  4. Upload a copy of your DD-214 service separation papers before submitting the Military Benefits eForm.
  5. (Upload a Completed Change of Program Form ONLY if you changed programs-Ensure use of the correct form):
    1. Chapter 33, 35 (Post 9/11 GI Bill veterans):
    2. Chapter 33, 35 (Survivors and dependents):
  6. Submit the completed Military Benefits eForm and contact Sam Lowery at once the form is submitted.
  7. Apply for Financial Aid


Virginia Veterans Laptop Project

The Virginia Veterans Laptop Project provides invaluable support to veteran students at Danville Community College (DCC).  Veteran learners or their eligible spouses can apply for a laptop at:                

  • Virginia Veterans Laptop Project       (upon completing the appllication, please contact Sam Lowery at 434-797-8506 or by email at

Should you have any questions concerning these procedures or need help, please contact Sam Lowery in the Financial Aid Office of the Wyatt Building, Room 111, or call 434-797-8506.


Sam Lowery

Sam Lowery

Veterans Support Specialist