Student Clubs

African American Culture Club

The African American Club was organized in 1973 to promote a greater understanding and appreciation for African American Culture by presenting art exhibits, special programs, and speakers. The purpose of the African American Culture Club is to explore, reinforce, and celebrate the African American heritage, culture, and historical contributions. Members of the club also perform community services through projects such as Sickle Cell testing and Halloween parties for children in the community. Membership is open to all DCC students.

Alice Walker
(434) 797-8419

Cosmetology Club

The Cosmetology Club supports the efforts and endeavors of Cosmetology students throughout the program. Members participate in educational programs and trips to enhance classroom learning and promote understanding between cosmetologists and the public.

Jermon Russell
(434) 797-8497

Cyber Knights

The Cyber Knights focus on helping students understand material presented in the Network Engineer curriculum as well as other network-related information that may not be presented in a classroom environment. The club is a place for students to come together, learn, help, and have fun while exploring the world of networking with veteran enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Steve Carrigan
(434) 797-8528

Maker Collaboration

Maker Collaboration is a group of students that are interested in the DIY community. The Maker Collaboration focuses on finding resources for various student projects. If a student wants to learn DIY electronics, programming, rapid prototyping, and fabrication, then the Maker Collaboration is the club to be in.

Jonathan Stoddard
(434) 797-8472

Nursing Club

The Nursing Club was organized to recruit and support nursing students in the Nursing program. Membership is open to current LPN and RN students. The mission of the club is to increase the visibility of the nursing students on campus and to increase the awareness of the nursing program. Club members support events on campus as well as local charities such as God’s Storehouse and the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program.

Dr. James Emerson
(434) 797-8422

Student American Dental Hygiene Association

The Student American Dental Hygiene Association is made up of students in the Dental Hygiene program. Club members participate in health fairs, open houses, and health projects in the community.


Tina Gauldin


T.E.A.C.H. (To Educate Always Creates Hope)

The T.E.A.C.H. Club (To Educate Always Creates Hope) supports students who are interested in pursuing a career in education. Its purpose is to provide opportunities and experiences for future educators through partnerships in the community. Goals of the T.E.A.C.H. Club are to:

  • Provide a foundation of experiences for future educators
  • Bring awareness of job opportunities in the field of education
  • Provide educational opportunities that can be used in the classroom
  • Provide meaningful, enjoyable learning experiences for children of the community

Traci Daniel
(434) 797-6434