Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is made up entirely of DCC students. Its purpose is to promote a better understanding between faculty and students, to regulate and encourage activities beneficial to the morale of the students and the welfare of DCC, and to act as the official voice of the student body. The SGA works to provide the leadership necessary for the responsibility of initiating new policies, services, and activities for the benefit of the students.

Be the Voice of the Student Body

The SGA strives to be the voice of the student body at DCC by representing student needs, concerns, and initiatives. While SGA does not pass legislation that is binding to college policy, it does have a significant influence.

Foster Leadership Development

The SGA is an excellence place for students to develop their leadership abilities. By participating in the election process, developing legislation, and being the voice of the students, members of SGA establish themselves as campus leaders.

Kevin Gatewood
(434) 797-8588

Student Veterans Organization

The Student Veterans Organization ensures veterans, active duty personnel, reservists, and members of the National Guard are receiving all benefits to which they are entitled. The SVO increases awareness and understanding of veterans' issues on campus and advocates on behalf of student veterans.

Howard Graves
(434) 797-8443