Shared Services Distance Learning

Shared Services Distance Learning (SSDL) courses are Danville Community College courses offered in partnership with Northern Virginia Community College or other colleges in the Virginia Community College System. These courses allow students to earn DCC credit while taking an online course with an instructor from another VCCS school. Likewise, students from other VCCS colleges may enroll in DCC courses to satisfy requirements for their program of study at their home institution.

Any student who enrolls in SSDL courses will have access to all the student support services provided by Danville Community College as well as those provided by Northern Virginia Community College.

Spring 2021 SSDL Courses

  • ACC 212-S1: Principles of Accounting II
  • ACC 215-S1: Computerized Accounting
  • ADJ 100-S1: Survey of Criminal Justice
  • BIO 150-S1: Introductory Microbiology
  • BIO 150-S1L: Introductory Microbiology Lab
  • BIO 205-S1: General Microbiology
  • BIO 205-S1L: General Microbiology Lab
  • BIO 256-S1: General Genetics
  • BIO 256-S1L: General Genetics Lab
  • BUS 100-S1: Introduction to Business
  • CHM 111-S1: College Chemistry I
  • CHM 111-S1L: College Chemistry I Lab
  • CHM 260-S1: Introductory Biochemistry
  • CST 130-S1: Introduction to the Theatre
  • EGR 115-S1: Engineering Graphics
  • ENG 210-S1: Advanced Composition
  • FRE 101-S1: Beginning French I
  • ITP 120-S1: Java Programming I
  • MKT 228-S1: Promotion
  • MKT 284-S1: Social Media Marketing
  • PHY 201-S1: General College Physics I
  • PHY 201-S1L: General College Physics I Lab
  • PLS 135-S1: American National Politics
  • SDV 106-S1: Preparation for Employment
  • SOC 211-S1: Principles of Anthropology I

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