DCC Student Veterans Organization

Welcome New Members

The SVO is recruiting new members. Click the SVO contact link to email an officer in the club or complete the Member Profile link.

Local Chapter

Danville Community College sponsors a chapter for students that are alumni or that are attending the College. Once a veteran joins, announcements concerning events, tuition assistance, job placement, programs and request for support are sent via email.


The primary mission of the SVO is to facilitate academic success through the mentorship of veterans and by providing any necessary support. The SVO is dedicated to promoting camaraderie through social events, regular meetings, mentoring and encouraging personal growth. In all of our activities, we hope to ease the transition to student life for incoming veterans and ensure the success of current student veterans on the journey towards graduation. The organization members areĀ  committed to; the continuous improvement of the chapter and maintaining a positive image in the College area through community service.