Dual Enrollment Parent Permission Form

Dual Enrollment allows high-achieving students to meet the requirements for high school graduation while simultaneously earning college credit from Danville Community College. Your child has requested to enroll in courses at his/her high school through Danville Community College. He/she must meet appropriate admission criteria and obtain eligible scores for placement into dual enrollment courses. Your first point of contact is your high school guidance counselor and/or your high school career coach.

This form must be completed and submitted for your student to be enrolled in a dual enrollment course. If it is not submitted, the student will be removed from the course. Please note that this is a college level course and a grade will be assigned by DCC as well as the high school.

Directions for Enrolling in Dual Enrollment Courses

  1. Complete an Online Admissions Application. The student is assigned a Student ID number so that the Social Security Number will not be used as your identifying number. Please note: It is recommended that you enter your Social Security Number, as not doing so will limit your ability to access DCC’s online student resources.  If you have previously completed a DCC admissions application, you do not need to submit another one. 

  2. All students taking dual enrollment courses must be deemed eligible for placement.

  3. Complete and sign this form with student and parent signatures. This form should be submitted before or during your first week of classes.

Questions? Email dualenrollment@danville.edu.

Student Information

Student and Parent/Legal Guardian (PLEASE READ BELOW STATEMENT & SIGN):
The above named student has permission to be registered for dual enrollment courses throughout their high school tenure through Danville Community College and their high school. I certify under penalty of disciplinary action that all of the information given in the Admissions Application is complete and accurate. I agree to supply the college with supporting documentation related to my application if I am requested to do so. I understand that my child should regularly check their DCC student email account as well as their MyDCC account ensuring all the information is accurate and up to date. By providing the signatures below, I am certifying that I also read and understand the FERPA statement below in regards to accessing student information.

Sign above

FERPA - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974

(This section only has to be completed once – you do not need to complete the below information for additional dual enrollment courses)

In compliance with the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), the college is prohibited from providing certain information from your student records to a third party, such as information on grades, billing, tuition, and fee assessments, financial aid, and other student record information. This restriction applies, but is not limited, to your parents, your spouse, or a sponsor.
FERPA does permit the college to disclose information from your student records to your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) if they claim you as a dependent for federal tax purposes, and Chapter 495, 2008 Virginia Acts of Assembly, requires disclosure to those who claim you as a dependent. A parent or legal guardian must present current tax information supporting this claim, along with a photo ID to the college's Admissions & Records Dept., in order to obtain student records information.

You may, at your discretion, grant the college permission to release information about your student records to a third party by submitting this completed form. The specified information will be made available only if requested by the authorized third party. Submit this completed form with original signatures. Please note that your authorization to release information does not have an expiration date, however, you may revoke your authorization at any time by sending a written request to the DCC Admissions Office. Note: For any third party designee(s) you name on this form, this release overrides all FERPA directory suppression information that you have set up in your student record.

Parent/Legal Guardian or Third Party Designee(s) Information: Any party listed below that can provide the required Personal Identification Number (PIN) may be granted access to my student records information. PINs should consist of 3 letters and 2 numbers and be listed below (we suggest initials and last 2 digits of birth year).