Emergency Aid for Students

coinsLife can hit you with unpredictable circumstances and unexpected costs. Emergency Aid is intended to assist students who face unexpected costs that impede their ability to continue and succeed academically and personally while enrolled at Danville Community College.

Types of Aid Include:

  • Housing
  • Technology
  • Transportation
  • Other

Students must be currently enrolled at Danville Community College and domiciled in Virginia. If you have any questions about domicile requirements, please refer to the information provided at https://danville.edu/domicile-determination

If approved, a maximum of $250 per academic year will be awarded to students enrolled at DCC. If awarded, funds will not be available until after the date to drop classes with refund per enrollment period.

**Please note:

The college currently does not have any remaining Emergency Aid funds.  Applications submitted will not be evaluated at this time.

Other resources are available for students to assist in ensuring success while attending Danville Community College.

  • There is a food pantry located in Wyatt 108. Call 797-8479 or email  studentsuccess@danville.edu for more information.
  • The DCC Library has computers/laptops available for student use. For questions, contact Library@danville.edu. Tutoring services are also available at Tutoring@danville.edu.
  • The Scale Up/TARE Office, located in the Wyatt building, may be able to assist with other needs. Call 797-8494 to determine if you are eligible.

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