DCC Op-Ed with Dr. Jerry Wallace: Fostering Community Bonds through Innovation and Collaboration

As I reflect on the recent flurry of activities within our community, I am reminded of the profound impact that collaboration and innovation can have in fostering growth, education, and progress. Each event, meeting, and initiative represents a thread in the vibrant tapestry of our shared journey toward a brighter future for Danville and beyond.


Dr. Jerry Wallace and Faith O'Neil standing behind a table

On February 29th, Danville Community College donated 50 copies of ‘Ace the Mighty Conquers Knight School’ to the Riverview Rotary Book Drive to be distributed to children across the state - a testament to the power of literacy and community involvement. We are grateful to Riverview Rotary for partnering with us to boost the reach of our exciting K-12 literacy project.

Man standing behind a podium on a stage with a group of people seated behind him. Additional people are seated in the auditorium seats in front of the speaker.
Seal of the city of Danville on a stand placed on the stage.

Also on February 29th, I was proud to have been invited to attend the unveiling of the new City of Danville logo, branding, and tagline, further exemplifying our collective regional commitment to revitalizing our identity and fostering civic pride. On March 4th, I had the distinct privilege of paying a visit to our 2nd cohort of short-term cybersecurity training students. Through innovative approaches and generous support from various stakeholders, including the Fast Forward initiative, scholarships, and grants, we are able to offer invaluable opportunities for learning and skill development to our students at little to no out-of-pocket cost, ensuring their success in an increasingly digital world. Equally noteworthy is the development DCC IT apprenticeship program, which not only provides hands-on experience but also serves as a model for cultivating talent and addressing workforce needs within our organization and beyond.

Dr. Jerry Wallace and two men standing with a camera on a tripod.

Our engagement extends beyond the confines of our campus, as demonstrated by our involvement in many community events. On March 9, I participated in a video shoot for Danville Regional Airport to discuss upcoming developments in aviation in our region.

Three men and two women with paint brushes and rollers standing on a handicapped ramp in front of a house.

On March 12, members of DCC's Executive Council and Executive Cabinet volunteered to paint the inside of a Habitat for Humanity home in an effort to give back and support these critical agencies in our community. These endeavors underscore our commitment to serving as active participants in the betterment of our community.

Dr. Jerry Wallace and a group of people standing in front of a small airplane at an airport.

On March 15th, I attended Averett University's Aviation Day celebration which served as a poignant reminder of the rich history and promising future of aviation in our region, symbolized by the inauguration of a new aircraft and the honoring of trailblazers like Ed Vance, Averett’s Inaugural Chief Flight Instructor.