The TARE, CAPE & SCALE UP 2 programs are designed to help eligible students by eliminating barriers to education. The program provides paid incentives for completing milestones within their field of study and earning workforce credentials. Supportive services are also available for eligible students. The programs covers all expenses and necessities for the student to successfully complete their program of study. 

Program Offers

  • National Career Readiness Certification
  • Supportative Services
  • Resume and Career Search Assistance
  • Incentives for completing milestones within your field of study
  • Incentive for gaining employment after completion of a DCC program.


  • Have a child that is 19 years of age or younger.  You do not have to have custody of the child but must be able to show proof the child is yours through a birth certificate or other means.
  • Current or Former TANF, VIEW/VIEW EXEMPT, SNAP recipient
  • Resident of City of Danville, Halifax or Pittsylvania Counties
  • Family income at or below 200% of Federal Poverty Level  (Click here to calculate)
  • Want to Learn More?

    If you are interested in applying for TARE, CAPE, and SCALE -UP Program, or you want to learn more about how this program can help you achieve your educational/career goals, please fill out the form below and our office will contact you.


  • How Does the Program Work?

    If a student is eligible for TARE/CAPE/SCALE-UP 2, then our office will conduct a brief in-take session.  During this meeting the student will:

    1. Take 2 career assessments that will help the students learn about their interest and potential careers that line up with their interest.
    2. Fill out all required paperwork to enroll in the TARE programs
    3. Learn about the many incentive programs that the student will qualify for within the TARE programs.  
    4. Learn about the mandatory 3 week preparation training that is required of all TARE participants.  This required training includes:  TABE Testing (to identify any potential academic weaknesses the student may have), Interpersonal Skills, Family Nutrition, National Career Readiness Testing, Community Resources, and Interview Preparation.  If any potential academic weaknesses are found, tutoring is offered.
    5.  After the mandatory 3 week training, the student is then enrolled in a short term career certificate program.  



  • Work Keys

    Work Keys

    Recognized by companies worldwide, the WorkKeys® system by ACT provides employers a reliable method to assess employees' job skills relative to specific jobs within the company.

    WorkKeys has "profiled" over 7,000 jobs throughout the nation. These profiles include a breakdown of specific skills needed to perform each job successfully, as well as an indicator of what level of performance is necessary. Workers can be assessed in up to 10 different categories, depending on the skill requirements of the specific job for which the employee is being assessed.

    These 10 categories are:

    • Reading for Information
    • Applied Mathematics
    • Business Writing
    • Writing
    • Locating Information
    • Teamwork
    • Observation
    • Listening
    • Applied Technology
    • Readiness


Paul Farrar

Paul Farrar

Program Manager/Director TARE, CAPE, SCALE-UP Programs
Michele Cole

Michele Cole

TARE Programs Coordinator: TARE/SCALE UP/CAPE
Barry Mayo

Barry Mayo

Recruiter: TARE, CAPE, & SCALE-UP