Transfer Center

If you are interested in transferring from DCC, the college has some excellent opportunities for you! Your academic advisor and college counselor are here to help you achieve your goal of transferring to the four-year college or university of your choice. If you are unsure whether a bachelor’s degree is the appropriate next step for you, they can help you work through that decision-making process as well. They are prepared to help you every step of the way, from building your college list to registering for transfer orientation. Whether you want to transfer out of state, attend college locally, or get a degree via distance education, the options are numerous.

Here are some of the transfer-related things DCC counselors and advisors can do for you:

  • Work with you and your faculty advisor in planning your curriculum, based on transfer requirements at four-year institutions
  • Familiarize you with the Guaranteed Admission Agreements (GAAs) between DCC/VCCS and four-year colleges and universities
  • Help identify a list of transfer institutions that match your personal, academic and professional interests
  • Put you in touch with the appropriate admission, financial aid, and faculty contacts at four-year colleges and universities
  • Provide you with academic, student services and financial aid information for the schools on your list
  • Serve as your liaison and/or advocate in the transfer process
  • Arrange visits to four-year colleges and universities
  • Help you declare your intent to transfer, if necessary
  • Assist with admission applications and essays, as well as financial aid and scholarship applications
  • Help you register for housing, if necessary
  • Identify transfer orientation programs

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