Voter Registration Information

Danville Community College encourages all students to register to vote. To obtain a voter registration form or for more information on voting information please go to

The State Board of Elections establishes and implements policies and procedures used to register voters properly and maintain voter registration records. In meeting its legal responsibilities of ensuring uniformity, fairness, and legality of the registration processes, the board operates and administers a computerized central record-keeping system (the Virginia Voter Registration System) of all voters registered in the Commonwealth. The Board itself does not register voters but supervises and coordinates the work of local election officials, who carry out registration activities in their jurisdiction.

The Virginia Voter Registration System maintains a complete, separate, and accurate record of all registered voters in the Commonwealth. The system is accessible by all local registrars and their staff who are required to change or correct registration records as necessary. In addition to maintaining individual registration records, the Virginia Voter Registration System generate voter information cards. The voter information cards are used to confirm registration for new registrants and to notify current registrants of changes or corrections to their record.

Prior to each general, primary or special election, the board provides each registrar with a computer generated list of all registered voters in their jurisdiction, with an alphabetical list of all registered voters in each precinct of the county, city, or town. The precinct record list is the official lists of qualified voters. The law requires the State Board of Elections to compile and distribute registration reports and statistics for the entire state. These reports and statistics are provided, at a reasonable cost, to legally qualified purchasers including candidates, incumbents, political parties, courts, and non-profit organizations that promote voter registration or participation.