Accessibility Services

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Information Center


The primary mission of Danville Community College Accessibility Services is to ensure that all qualified students with disabilities have equal access to educational programs and services. Accessibility Services facilitates access to reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities in accordance with their documentation guidelines.  To support their educational pursuit and achievement, Accessibility Services provides students with comprehensive and ongoing support, advocacy efforts, and assistance with the transition to the college environment. Accessibility Services strives to broaden disability awareness throughout the campus community.

To the student

Accessibility Services believes that every student has the capability to be successful at DCC! An understanding of your own unique learning needs and learning style is critical to your success in the classroom. I can assist you in identifying these learning strengths and preferences. Specific accommodations are unique to every student and every course. I am dedicated and committed to assisting you in your educational and career goals while at DCC. Ultimately, my hope is that I can support you in advocating for yourself as a student at DCC and in your chosen career field.   

Confidentiality Policy

Accessibility Services follows the guidelines of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
(FERPA). Students must sign a release to give Accessibility Services permission to share information to anyone, including faculty, staff, students, parents or persons outside the College. Exceptions to this policy are made in cases of emergencies or "the need to know" deemed by the Dean of Student Services.


The Accessibility Services Office is located in the Student Services Office on the main floor of the Wyatt Building, Room 108.

To schedule an appointment to meet with the ADA Coordinator, please email or call 434-797-8490.