DCC ROCKS (Registration, Orientation, Computer Knowledge and Support)

Sign up here to attend a DCC ROCKS registration session.

Steps for Enrollment at DCC

  • Apply to DCC (danville.edu/apply)
  • Complete the Direct Enrollment Survey
  • Attend DCC ROCKS Registration Session. Click here.
  • Complete the DCC ROCKS Canvas course (you will need the completion certificate for an assignment in SDV 100)

At a DCC ROCKS Registration Session, you will:

  • Take a campus tour
  • Participate in a MyDCC workshop
  • Meet with an advisor
  • Get your student ID & parking permit


For more information about DCC ROCKS and the topics covered for new students, please see the questions and answers below.

  • How do I find out my Student ID number (EMPLID) and username?

    When you complete the online application to DCC, you receive your Student ID number (also referred to as your EMPLID) and username. If you have forgotten these, contact DCC’s Admissions Office at admissions@danville.edu.

  • How can I get started with choosing a major (program of study)?

    If you do not know what program of study you want, visit danville.edu/careercoach. This site contains assessments that can point you in the direction of the program that fits your strengths and interests. You can also visit the Admissions Office in the Wyatt Building and speak to an Enrollment Navigator. For more information, please email admissions@danville.edu or call 434-797-8467.

  • What is MyDCC and why is it important?

    MyDCC is a login portal that provides a centralized, easy-to-use, easy-to-recognize login system for web applications at DCC and in the VCCS. Users can log into the system knowing that their MyDCC login information is encrypted and secure. From your MyDCC account, you will have access to applications such as:

    • Canvas
    • Gmail (Student Email)
    • SIS: Student Information System
    • Navigate
    • Brainfuse
    • Zoom

    As students will need to access these web applications quite frequently during their educational journey, MyDCC is a very important tool for students. *If you need help with your password for MyDCC, please email passwordreset@danville.edu.


  • Why am I assigned an academic advisor? What do they do? How do I know who they are?

    All degree seeking students are assigned an academic advisor. An academic advisor is one of the most valuable resources on campus. If you have a question and are not sure who can help you, your academic advisor is a great place to start. Among other things, your academic advisor can help you:

    • develop your educational plan
    • register for courses
    • track your degree progress
    • connect with other college resources
    • understand college policies and procedures
    • stay informed of college dates and deadlines

    Students are assigned an academic advisor based on their program of study. Upon selecting a program of study, you will receive an email from your division to let you know who has been assigned as your academic advisor. For future reference, your advisor will also be displayed in SIS under the Student Center and Navigate under the Resources Tab.


  • Where do I get a parking decal and Student ID?

    Once you are registered for classes, you can get a DCC Student parking decal and a DCC Student ID card. The decals and IDs are offered to registered students free of charge and are available every Tuesday and Wednesday from 10:00AM - 2:00PM in the Student Center. The Student Center is located directly across from the Castle Bookstore. For more information, please contact DCC Student Activities Coordinator, Kevin Gatewood at kevin.gatewood@danville.edu.

    *Complete DCC ROCKS and present your completion certificate to get a DCC ROCKS t-shirt when you get your student ID and parking decal.

  • How do I access the DCC ROCKS online course?

    Once you are registered for classes, you will need to login to your MyDCC portal, using the information provided above regarding MyDCC. This course contains modules for you to complete. Each is designed to provide you with use information to help you be a successful DCC Knight. Once you have completed the modules, you will be able to save and print your completion certificate. You will need this certificate for a grade in your SDV 100 – College Success Skills course.

  • Have you applied for Financial Aid?

    If you have not applied for Financial Aid, please contact our Educational Opportunity Center at eoc@danville.edu or 434-797-8577. If you have applied for Financial Aid, you can view your financial aid award in your Student Center in SIS (located in your MyDCC portal). If you need to contact the Financial Aid Office, please email dccfinaid@danville.edu or call 434-797-8567.