Special Interest

Computer Courses

DCC Workforce Services offers a line-up of one-credit computer courses designed to help individuals upgrade their skills and to help employers meet quick-turnaround training requirements.  Examples of courses offered by DCC Workforce Services are below.  All of the courses below are one-credit courses.   Students who wish to gain a credit for taking any of these courses must notify the course instructor at the beginning of the semester so that a letter grade (as opposed to a "Pass/Fail" grade) can be given.

  • AST 117 - Keyboarding for Computers
  • ITE 131 - Survey of Internet
  • AST 132 - Introduction to MS Word
  • ITE 195 - Intermediate Excel
  • AST 133 - Intermediate MS Word
  • ITE 195 - Web page Design
  • AST 150 - Desktop Publishing with Photoshop
  • ITE 195 - Intro MS Powerpoint
  • AST 195 - Desktop Publishing with Word
  • ITE 195 - Web Page Design / Front Page
  • ITE 101 - Introduction to Microcomputers
  • ITE 195 - Microsoft Powerpoint
  • ITE 127 - Beginning Windows
  • ITE 195 - PC repair & Upgrade
  • ITE 141 - Introduction to Excel

These courses are conducted at official DCC campus locations. Employers who desire to have the courses provided at their worksite can get this service for no extra cost.  In addition to the above courses, DCC can offer any type of 
computer training desired by an employer. 

Please call 434-797-8430 for more details!

Leadership and Management Training

DCC's Workforce Services offers a variety of leadership and management training courses, including:

  • Genuine Leadership/ Supervisory Training*
  • Team Effectiveness*
  • Customer Service
  • Total Quality Management
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Activating Change

(*Courses are part of Achieve Global Training Systems and DDI, Development Dimensions International, Inc.)

In addition to the above titles, DCC's Workforce Services has a number of additional programs that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of employers.

DCC Workforce Services' world-class Lean Manufacturing training is taught by the experts who studied and worked with the famous Toyota production system.

Please call Tom Townsend at 434-797-8592 for more details!

Unmanned Aerial Systems

Explore a new hobby or an exciting career as a UAS pilot! Unmanned Aerial Systems, also known as drones, have a variety of uses – precision agriculture, real estate, search and rescue, photography and more!

The two day introductory course provides a general concept of UAS as well as an opportunity to fly a professional series drone under the supervision of a certified pilot. Or, delve deeper and prepare for UAS industry certification in our four-class Saturday series.

Concept in UAS
August 10 – 6pm-9pm
August 11 – 9am-12pm

Intro to UAS
August 18 – 9am-3pm
August 25 – 9am-3pm
September 8 – 9am-3pm
September 15 – 9am-3pm

To register, contact Patricia Dayberry, 434-797-8430, patricia.dayberry@dcc.vccs.edu