About the DCC Alumni Association


DCC’s alumni association project began in the summer of 2006 as an initiative by Dr. Carlyle Ramsey, past president of DCC. In that year, we started the process of establishing guidelines, contacting alumni, creating a alumni webpages, establishing an Alumni Board and creating a legal framework, so an eventual alumni organization could be self-sustaining. 

DCC records go back to 1936. However, DCC was created in 1966 with the change of a technical college, Danville Technical Institute, into Danville Community College. DTI had begun in 1936. Then in 1968, the Danville branch of Virginia Polytechnic Institute was merged with the local community college adding all the individuals from the previous 20 years of that institution as alumni of Danville Community College. Thus, alumni for Danville Community College emerge from records for three institutions: Danville Technical Institute, VPI-Danville and Danville Community College. Currently, we have over 78,000 alumni. 


Bylaws of the DCC Alumni Association