Direct Enrollment and Self-Placement

Most students will not need to take a placement test at DCC. DCC uses a direct enrollment and self-informed placement process to help students decide which college-level Math and English courses to start with.

What is Direct Enrollment?

U.S. high school graduates and GED recipients are no longer required to take the Virginia Placement Test (VPT)*. If you graduated from high school five or fewer years ago and have not taken college classes yet, you will be placed into college-level math and English by using multiple placement measures such as high school GPA and SAT/ACT scores, as well as the highest-level math you have taken. You may be placed into a corequisite course to help you with the college-level Math or English course.

* Military students using TA benefits and students using VA benefits must take the VPT.
* High school/home school students should refer to for eligibility requirements for placement in dual enrollment courses.

Students who graduated from high school in the past five years:

Advising Survey for Direct Enrollment

What is Informed Self-Placement?

Informed Self-Placement guides students who graduated from a U.S. high school or received a GED more than five (5) years ago by recommending English and mathematics courses based upon the student’s experiences and comfort with academic writing and math, as well as their support needs.

Students who graduated from high school/GED more than five years ago:

Advising Survey for Informed Self-Placement

Which English and Math Courses Should You Register For?

After you submit your application to the College, you will be asked to complete the direct enrollment survey. Your survey results will indicate what level of Math and English that will best serve your needs. You will need to know your MyDCC username and password in order to access the survey. We also encourage you to save a copy of your results just in case you need to speak with an enrollment advisor.

*Exceptions: VPT is required for students who will receive veterans benefits. Students who have not completed high school or a GED will be able to take the VPT.

Which Courses Are Right For You?

What math course is right for me?

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What English course is right for me?

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