DCC Outstanding Alumni Awards

Beginning in 2014, up to five alumni from DCC, up to three alumni from VPI-Danville Extension and up to three alumni from Danville Technical Institute, the three institutions that comprise Danville Community College, will be honored as DCC Outstanding Alumni.

Anyone who wishes to nominate an outstanding alumni, may nominate the individual for honors by sending information to alumni@danville.edu.  Nominations close December 31 each year.

Previously, four alumni were honored yearly from the three colleges comprising Danville Community College for the years 2008 to 2013. Two were from DCC, one was from Danville Technical Institute and one was from Virginia Polytechnic Institute-Danville Extension.  In April the honorees were presented at the April DCC Foundation Board meeting and then honored at a following reception.  News releases were sent to news media throughout the region and then the honorees were presented at following alumni functions throughout the year.  Their names are engraved on a permanent plaque of honorees displayed in the college; their pictures are on the Outstanding Alumni Wall of Honor in the DCC Educational Foundation Office, Room 211, Foundation Hall.

Previous honorees:

  • Ray Robinson-VPI
  • Donald Merricks-DCC
  • Wayne Foster-DTI
  • Sherman Saunders-DCC
  • E. Wayne Conner-DCC
  • Steven K. Jones-VPI
  • Charles Haynsworth III-VPI
  • Jerry Foster-VPI
  • Ronald Thompson-VPI
  • Matt Nelson-VPI
  • Frank T. Grogan-VPI
  • Mack Doss-DTI
  • Susan Escue-DCC
  • Shelby Irving-DCC
  • Martha Flanagan-DTI
  • Dr. Harry Kolendrianos-VPI
  • Debra Carlson-DCC
  • Anita Wyatt-DTI and DCC
  • Rodney Reynolds-VPI
  • Dr. Leisa Banks-DCC
  • Steve Worley-DCC
  • J. Richard Carter-DTI
  • Jimmy Wade-DTI/DCC
  • Randolph W. Grigg-DTI
  • James Thomas Emerson (deceased)-VPI-Danville
  • Irving Michael Blank-VPI-Danville
  • Eddie Franklin Hearp-VPI-Danville
  • Carl Stanley Reynolds-VPI-Danville
  • Don C. Moon-DCC
  • Dr. Percy Richardson-DCC
  • A. Benjamin Rippe-DCC
  • Amie M. Teague-DCC
  • The Johnson Family—Raymond B. Johnson-DTI
  • Dr. Johnny Johnson-VPI-Danville
  • Samuel E. Johnson-DCC
  • Dr. Barry W. Johnson-DCC
  • Virginia Nelson-DTI
  • Bennett Cockrell-DTI
  • T. Neal Dodson
  • VPI-Danville
  • Charles Alexander (Zan) Womack Jr.
  • VPI-Danville
  • Stuart Jennings-DCC
  • Fred K. Webb Jr.-DCC

The Recognition and Scholarship Committee for the DCC Alumni Association meets in January to select honorees after interviews from nominations received and listings kept of alumni who have made and are making contributions to their professions and communities.  Anyone wishing to nominate alumni for the award should contact the Alumni Relations Coordinator at 434-797-8499 or at alumni@danville.edu with the person’s name, address if known, and brief information as to the nominee’s qualifications along with means of communicating with the individual making the nomination.  Criteria for DCC Outstanding Alumni follows:

Outstanding Alumni Criteria

  1. Honorees should have completed a diploma, degree or certificate program from one of the three institutions or the equivalent college hours.
  2. Honorees should be exemplary examples in the professions they are presently involved in as well as known locally for their contributions to professionalism in their fields of endeavor.
  3. Honorees must have been out of the college for at least five years.
  4. Honorees must possess admirable personal qualities that others seek to emulate or admire.
  5. Honorees must exemplify the highest ideals expected of a DCC, DTI, VPI-D graduate: these include loyalty to the present college through support in words or deeds if residing locally, pride in the college and its ongoing programs demonstrated over time in words or deeds if residing locally, promotion of the college throughout the service region whenever circumstances are present for such promotional efforts.
  6. Individuals honored should attend the reception in their honor except for extenuating circumstances beyond their control such as out of the country, illness, family illness, death in family.  If there are no true extenuating circumstances, an alternate should instead be honored and the original nominee held until a year in which he or she can attend.

Listings for Alumni Awards recipients by year may be found in the menu on the right.