Distance Learning

Under the direction of the Vice President of Academic and Student Services, the Director of Learning Resources and Distance Learning Services is responsible for academic support services for distance learning at DCC. The various services provided in this department include maintaining the technology infrastructure to support distance learning opportunities, providing instructional technology in support of the College's educational programs and activities, directing the administration of the Canvas environment at DCC, supporting access to web conferencing software, staffing a Canvas Help Desk for technical aid to faculty teaching online, and offering professional development and training opportunities for faculty related to online instruction.

In addition, Distance Learning Services supports faculty in developing courses in the Canvas environment, supplying instructional design assistance as needed. This department also creates and maintains a large number of instructional materials on the Canvas support web page. One of the staff represents DCC at the VCCS level through the E-Learning and Educational Technology Committee.

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For information call (434) 797-8555 or email canvas@danville.edu 

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