Domicile Determination

Domicile Requirements

The Virginia Community College System and therefore Danville Community College is guided by the Code of Virginia and the regulations of the State Council of Higher Education on determining domicile. Each student applying for admission must complete a Domicile Determination Form in order to be declared legally domiciled in Virginia. Students must verify that one year before the date of entering the term for which they are requesting in-state tuition status, they have given up any previous domicile and were living in Virginia with the unqualified intention of remaining in Virginia. Please contact DCC Admissions for more information regarding residency requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to submit documentation and provide clear and convincing evidence regarding their domicile. In the event that a student’s circumstances change after a semester has begun, the student’s tuition status may be eligible for reclassification. This reclassification shall be effective for the next academic semester or term following the date of the application for reclassification. Students should follow DCC’s domicile appeal policy.

Domicile Appeals Process

A student who disagrees with an initial tuition classification may submit a Domicile Reclassification Form to the Domicile Appeals Committee within 10 calendar days of the initial notification. The committee will respond to the appeal within 15 calendar days. The Domicile Appeals Committee shall consist of two members of the Student Services Office. No person who serves at one level of this appeals process shall be eligible to serve at any other level of this review. If the student still disagrees with the tuition classification, he/she may file a final written appeal with the Vice President of Academic and Student Services. This written appeal must be made within five calendar days of the student’s notification of the first appeal. The Vice President will notify the student in writing of the final administrative decision within 30 calendar days of receipt of the appeal. A student who is not satisfied with the outcome of the review by the Vice President may appeal to the appropriate circuit court. The student must file a petition for review with the court within 30 calendar days of receipt of the decision by the Vice President of Academic and Student Services.