Student Achievement Measures

Our Mission

Danville Community College is committed to providing quality comprehensive higher education and workforce programs and services to promote student success and to enhance business and community partnerships.

Public Disclosure of Student Achievement

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) Principles of Accreditation, Standard 8.1 (Student Achievement) requires institutions to identify, evaluate, and publish goals and outcomes for student achievement appropriate to the institution's mission, the nature of the students it serves, and the kinds of programs offered.

SACSCOC also indicates that the institution should use multiple measures to document student success. Requirements for publication are further specified in the SACSCOC Policy on Institutional Obligations for Public Disclosure.

Measures of Student Achievement Criteria at DCC

DCC’s eight primary student achievement criteria are Enrollment, College Readiness, Course Completions, College Success, Retention and Progress, Completions, Transfer, and Job Placement. These student achievement criteria are directly related to DCC’s mission and commitment to the values of student access, student success, and enhancing our community through providing highly trained and qualified graduates.

Further Details

  • The figures below reflect DCC’s performance on each of the eight student achievement criteria.
  • Each figure also includes an annual achievement goal for each criterion.
  • These goals are set as part of DCC’s strategic planning process.
  • The achievement goal serves as a target performance level. DCC is committed to continuous improvement on each of its eight student achievement criterion.


  • Enrollment
  • College Readiness
  • Course Completions
  • College Success
  • Retention and Progress
  • Completions
  • Transfer
  • Job Placement

    Note: The job placement rate for the 2019-2020 academic year is not final and subject to change. Data include students who were employed in the Commonwealth of Virginia within one year after graduation from DCC. Active duty military personnel, students who re-enrolled during the following academic year, and students who transferred to a different institution of higher education have been excluded.