Charging Textbooks

Financial Aid is awarded to cover tuition, fees, and in some cases books and supplies. Please note: You were awarded financial aid to help cover the costs of educationally related expenses during your attendance at Danville Community College. These funds should only be used to purchase books and supplies that are required for the classes in which you are enrolled. These funds should NOT be used to purchase multiple copies of the same textbook during a single semester. Your financial aid funds are intended for purchases made by you, for you, and should never be used to purchase textbooks or supplies for other students, staff, or faculty members.

  • Students who wish to use their financial aid to purchase books and supplies from the college bookstore must present a valid photo ID and their DCC Student ID Number in order to charge textbooks and supplies to their account, along with their class schedule. Charge dates vary according to each semester. The Bookstore charging period typically starts one week prior to the start of the semester and ends the last day to drop with refund. Specific dates can be found on our Important Financial Aid Dates page. Students should plan to purchase all books and supplies during these times. There will be no book charges after the date listed. If the books you need are on back-order, please speak with the bookstore management for special arrangements. For Second Session summer classes, please check with the Financial Aid Office for availability of funds.
  • If you want to drop a class and return books, you must return your books before you drop the class. You must show your receipt AND do your return by the dead-lines listed above.

Bookstore Purchasing Policy 

Students may use excess financial aid in the College Bookstore to purchase only required books and supplies for registered courses deemed eligible for financial aid for the term, during the designated charge dates. A course would be deemed ineligible for financial aid if any of the four following circumstances exist: 

  1. The course does not apply to the student’s academic program; 
  2. The course has already been repeated once after having been successfully completed;
  3. The course is developmental and the student has already attempted 30 or more developmental credits; and/or 
  4. The course is a basic skills class (BSK) that is below the postsecondary level. 

The approved dollar amount available per student to charge will vary according to the financial aid award and enrollment. 

Supplies can Include: 

  • * One Computer or Tablet (authorization required) 
  • * One scientific calculator 
  • * Required tools 
  • * Required uniforms 

Students purchasing a computer must be enrolled in an IT, Web Design, Computer Aided Drafting, Welding, or Graphic Design related program and must receive a Bookstore Authorization from the Financial Aid Office. Laptops will not be authorized until the 2nd week of classes. One Laptop/tablet purchase is allowed with subsequent purchase requests evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Laptops are not avail-able during the Summer semester. 

Any other electronic item is considered not course related and may not be purchased with financial aid. Other items not approved for purchase with financial aid include but are not limited to apparel, food, cell phones, gift items, and gift/prepaid cards. 

During the book purchase period, books and supplies purchased using financial aid cannot be returned to the College Bookstore for cash. Amounts for returned items must be credited back to the aid items that paid for the books and supplies on the student’s account.

If for any reason financial aid does not cover the balance charged in the bookstore the student is responsible for paying that balance and will not be allowed to register until that debt has been satisfied.