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Do you have an innovative idea to help improve a process, service, or program at DCC? We want to help you further develop your ideas! Here's how the Innovative Ideas Incubator (I3) works.

1. Share your ideas by submitting an Innovative Idea Form.

Student Form

Faculty & Staff Form

2. You can volunteer to be an Innovative Team Member to help incubate the new ideas and solutions of your colleagues and students. You can volunteer to join an innovation team by submitting an Innovation Team Volunteer Form.

Innovation Team Volunteer Form

3. The Center for Organizational Excellence and Data Analytics will review the details of your innovative idea so that we can match you with the right team. We encourage you to involve students, alumni, and community partners in developing your idea.

4. The Center for Organizational Excellence and Data Analytics will then help connect you to relevant DCC data to inform your solutions, opportunities, and momentum within an innovation team of DCC colleagues and students who volunteer to generate new ideas and solutions.

5. You will then have the opportunity to pitch your innovation to college board members and the president's cabinet once the opportunity is fully developed.

This process will provide ways for Danville Community College to:

  • Initiate new ideas to solve DCC's challenges
  • Develop and implement the best innovations
  • Evaluate and identify new directions or opportunities
  • Activate stellar implementation strategies
  • Sustain successes and excellence by improved processes

The president’s cabinet will recognize and present awards for the Innovation of the Year and two runner-up innovations to the teams who present the top three innovative ideas based which ideas best meet the following criteria:

  • Quality: The innovation increases quality in a course, program, service, office, area, or the institution.
  • Efficiency: The innovation contributes to a more efficient way of doing things and solves one or more of DCC's challenges.
  • Usefulness: The innovation adds value to the institution while at the same time can be integrated widely.
  • Creativity: The innovation should be original, or the adaptation should be creative.
  • Impact: The innovation brings fundamental change and/or moves the College forward in the direction(s) set by the college president and/or in the college's strategic plan.


Cory Potter

Cory Potter

Director of Institutional Planning, Effectiveness, and Research SACSCOC Accreditation Liaison
Justin Nichols

Justin Nichols

Research Analyst and Assessment Coordinator
Mark Rutledge

Mark Rutledge

Information Systems Specialist