The Scholarship Program at Danville Community College

DCC offers a variety of scholarships for students in many categories for students.  General information on the program and the application timeline follows.

  • Applications for DCC Educational Foundation Scholarships are available beginning January 1. Applicants must have applied for admission to Danville Community College by the scholarship application deadline. The Scholarship Committee meets in April and July to review completed applications. Scholarship applications received by Sunday, March 31, 2019, will be considered priority applications and will be reviewed and awarded in April 2019. Scholarship applications received after the March 31, 2019, priority date will be reviewed and awarded in July 2019. If necessary, the committee will meet again in August 2019 to award any final scholarships available. Late applications will be kept on file in case additional scholarship funds become available during the academic year.
  • Scholarship recipients must be enrolled in a curriculum at DCC. (Call the Counseling Office at 434-797-8460 and schedule an appointment.).
  • Scholarship recipients must apply for financial aid prior to submitting the scholarship application. (Call the Financial Aid Office at 855-844-3634 and schedule an appointment.).
  • The grade-point average and credit-hour requirements for each scholarship vary according to the specific guidelines of the individual scholarship.
  • The scholarship must be used in the 2019-2020 academic year and will be disbursed in accordance with the criteria for each individual scholarship.
  • Only one DCC Educational Foundation scholarship application should be completed to be considered for all DCC Educational Foundation scholarships. (All questions must be answered for the applicant to be considered for a scholarship. Please use complete sentences.)  If you are enrolled in a science, technology, engineering, math or health science (S.T.E.M.-H.) curriculum, please complete the additional S.T.E.M.-H. Scholarship application listed on this page.

Scholarship Application

Graduation Scholarship Form

For any student graduating from Danville Community College and planning to transfer to a four-year institution

S.T.E.M.-H Financial Assistance Program Online Application Form

For students who are enrolled in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math or Health Science programs. You must also complete the DCC Educational Foundation Scholarship Application shown above.

Vickie Holland Taylor-Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship 

This scholarship was created in 2014 to honor long-time advisor, Ms. Vickie Holland Taylor, and to afford a qualified member with extreme financial circumstances the opportunity to continue his/her education at Danville Community College. Must be an enhanced member of Upsilon Phi.


Shannon Hair

Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Development, Executive Director DCC Educational Foundation